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Astrology is a Divine gift of Indian Sages and the most ancient knowledge & legacy of India. Through the study of planets, their positions and inter-relation aspects & time period, we learn what are the areas of our activities, opportunities and what are the impediments & how we can overcome the same.



Wear lucky Gem; Life Gem; Fortunate Gem for financial gains, professional stability, healthier and fruitful life...


Gems have a creditable history & referred to even in the Vedas in ancient time for providing strength to the Functional Benefic Planets.

Principal Gems are connected with the Planets and exerts tremendous influence on human being and helps in all sphere of life like self health, status, marital bliss, financial gains , provide professional stability, strengthen personal & professional relations and many more .

Only need is best quality, right selection and above all AUSPICIOUS TIME for wearing of Gems to get maximum benefit to lead happier, healthier & fruitful life.

The Sun - Ruby; The Moon - Pearl; Mars - Coral ; Jupiter - Yellow Sapphire; Mercury - Emerald; Saturn - Blue Sapphire; Venus - Diamond.

Recommended size: 5.25 Ratti (4.66 Caret) except Diamond

Ruby - Burma's Ruby - Manik (Worn in Right Finger )
Fine / Premium Quality
US $ 41 to 250
INR 2100/- to 10000/- per cr.
Pearl Moti (Worn in Little Finger)
Fine / Premium Quality
US $ 11 to 30
INR 450/- to 1250/- per cr.
Yellow Sapphire - Pukhraj (Worn in First Finger)
Fine / Premium Quality
US $ 75 to 210
INR 3500/- to 10000/- per cr.
Blue Sapphire - Neelam (Worn in Middle Finger)
Grade: Fine / Premium Quality
US $ 123 to 310
INR 3700/- to 10150/- per cr.
Emrald - Panna (Worn in Small Finger)
Grade: Fine / Premium Quality
US $ 124 to 210
INR 3200/- to 10150/- per cr.
Diamond - Heera (Worn in Ring Finger)
Grade: Fine / Premium Quality
US $ 185 to 555
INR 6250/- to 25250/- per ct.
Coral - Monga (Worn in Ring Finger)
Grade: Fine / Premium Quality
US $ 15 to 35
INR 750/- to 1625/- per cr.
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