People having functional benefic mars, strong, well placed in their chart enjoy its significations in the period of mars.

People born in Taurus, Virgo & Scorpio Rashis may prone to manglic Dosha, if mars is bad placed, week, afflicted at midpoint in their charts & have problems in life with relations to other significations, Besides marital relations.

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(Saturnís ill effects)

The seven and a half year period of saturnís transit in twelth, first & second house from the birth moon is called the sadesatti of Saturn & 4th, 8th position from moon called saturnís dhaiya.

Function Melefic nature of Saturn for cancer, Virgo & Pieces Rashis is malefic. If Saturn is weak, Combust, Bad placed, afflicted in chart, people face problems in that period disturbed mentally, physically & financial part of view, person may experience ill health, laziness, mental stress, disputes, problems due to ailments & enemies, Losses due to theft & fire etc, & death of elders in the family.

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