Choose finest possible muhurtas to achieve oppurtunties, stability, prosperity, name and fame in life...


A systematic approach to positive aspect of life.
Choosing a most favorable (auspicious) time & Dates as per advance system of Vedic Astrology to commence any important personal/professional activities like marriage, to conceive, new construction (Vastu), new venture/agreement, buying vehicle, buying property, buildings, medical surgery, travel, to wear gems, Zodiac Pendant (Kavach) amulet and many more, to achieve opportunities, stability, prosperity, name & fame.

(Send your birth detail & purpose of auspicious time)
Sumuhurata Selection Charges US$ 132 INR Rs. 7500/- Click Here
Special Muhurata US$ 190 INR Rs. 10500/- Click Here
  For Industries, Business
  Houses, MNC's, Professional
  Institution etc for tremendous growth
  Dependability, Long lasting
  Name & Fame

Day to Day (Monthly Basis)

Sumuhurata Charges

US$ 320 INR Rs. 15100/- per month Click Here